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Ask me anything   Huixian came from a small red dot on Earth, and grew up to love travelling, going out with friends, photography, gaming, food, and fashion, and art. She comes up with crazy things like crave list and travel bugs 'cos of these things she loves, and has just graduated from NYP, with a diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation). She is currently working at Southern Star Singapore! This is where she has posted her old school works and all things arty-farty in her life. For her Portfolio, please visit her website, huixianfolio.com!

Did this on: Feb 2012

For: Digital Matte Painting Class

Medium: Photoshop

Notes: First Assignment, and we were asked to either (painting) destroy our school (NYP), or imagine some weird magical aura came over it. Obviously I choose the magical one— hence this picture. Actually this was done last year, but I didn’t like the initial one so I re-edited it. There’s a gate going to another dimension on the corner!

Took the original Photo and edited it using textures and stock photos. 

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